Every dog lover wants to ensure their canine companion stays healthy and strong, and this means putting them on the right diet. But with so many different kinds of dog food on the market, it may be difficult for owners to choose one that agrees with their dog’s physiology and palate.

We asked our resident dog-loving reporter, Yoshio, for his advice to fellow dog-owners on how to pick the best chow for their best friends.

“Small-breed dog food has a milder flavor than large-breed food, making it tastier and easy to eat. Similar to blue cheese, dog foods with a strong aroma are preferred by aficionados like myself, though laymen are often put off by the pungent odor,” remarked Yoshio.


He continued boastfully: “To the best of my knowledge, there are currently three products on the market that stand out above the rest, and they’re the three I often use as snacks to accompany a nice cold beer when crackers just don’t cut it.”

Erm, okay…

We figured digging any further into this would just be barking up the wrong tree, so we decided to throw Yoshio a bone and politely listen to the rest of his story.

Yoshio’s “Top 3 Most Delicious Dog Foods” follow below.

#3『Vita-One Combo Beef Chunks & Vegetable Blend』
“The superior-quality beef, crispy small fish and moist vegetable cereal blend together for a superb ensemble. Couldn’t expect more from Japan’s leading pet food brand! Vita-One is surely the Ramen Jiro of dog food.”

#2『Royal Canin Size Health Mini Adult』
“Royal Canin is an internationally-known brand with a wide rang of flavors, but ‘Mini Adult’ is the most delicious. Most notable is its intense, heavenly aroma, which can be likened to jamón ibérico de bellota, Spanish ham cured for 36 months and served raw.”

#1『Eukanuba Chiwawa』
“Sure #3 and #2 are good, but neither holds a candle to the exquisite flavor of Eukanuba’s Chiwawa blend. Anyone looking to take a step into the world of dog food should definitely start here. I like to eat it without using my hands to experience the taste as a real Chiwawa would…”

Okay…someone call animal control.

We’re guessing this information won’t be of much help to most people, but if there’s anyone else out there who enjoys eating dog food, why not give one of the three a try? And maybe see a psychologist…or nutritionist? A vet?

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