Surely most of our readers remember Masako Mizutani, the lovely 43-year-old Japanese fashion model who looks like she could be the same age as her 20-year-old daughter.

Mrs. Mizutani, who is extolled in China as “Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth,” has an extensive history of looking fine and continues to maintain a visage that could put Cleopatra to shame—even without makeup.

Now it seems Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth has finally expanded made her international television debut, recently appearing on Hunan Satellite TV’s female beauty information program Wǒshì dà Měirén—or, “I am a Beautiful Woman.”

Masako appeared on the program on March 16 and divulged the secrets of her age-defying beauty, including her daily beauty routine and favorite cosmetic products.

While she indeed looked as beautiful and well-kept as ever, we couldn’t help but feel that TV Masako was somehow different than internet Masako, and comparing a few photos we quickly understood why: whether it be because of makeup or Photoshop, internet Masako always manages to look a good 10 years younger than TV Masako.

To see for yourself, we’ve posted a few screen caps from the show, followed by several recent images from her official blog below. It could just be that she just got stuck with lousy Chinese make-up artists, and even if age is catching up with the Lady of Eternal Youth, we have no doubt she’ll manage to keep dropping jaws for years to come.

Source: NY1988 (Chinese), Masako’s Life Style (Japanese)

▼Masako Mizutani takes the stage!

▼The following images come from her official blog. Starting with a little product endorsement…:

▼Looking radiant in print as well!