The Japanese Internet is erupting with debate over whether newly elected 26-year-old Niiza City Councilwoman Asuka Tachikawa is more beautiful than Hachinohe City Councilwoman Yuri Fujikawa, previously dubbed “too hot for city council.”

According to Tachikawa’s web profile, her rise to her current political position began in an orphanage, where she lived from age 3 to 18. Tachikawa began modeling in 2005 and married and gave birth to her only child in 2008.

Not one to sit back and be ogled at for a living, Tachikawa decided to take advantage of her lot in life and try to make a difference in the world through participating in local government. She called attention to the need for better support for raising children based on her own childhood experiences. She was elected to the governing board of the Saitama Prefecture city on that platform last year.

If Tachikawa continues to make an impact with the energy that got her elected, this will certainly not be the last we hear of her . . .

Source: Asuka Tachikawa Official Website, Asuka Tachikawa’s Blog