When you leave your seat at the ballpark to go for a beer run, you usually aren’t expecting a changeup at the beer stand, but you may do a double-take the first time you order a draft beer at the Super Dry Stand behind the infield seats at Hanshin Koshien Stadium.

Instead of a smile and a familiar jerk of the handle above the tap, the worker behind the counter will now smile, set the transparent cup down on an unassuming, low-profile stand, and watch as the beer fills the cup from the bottom.

Asahi Beer and Tokyo manufacturing companies worked together to develop the bottom-up server, nicknamed “Tornado Dispenser” because of the whirlpool of foam it creates as it fills cups with beer. A special cup is placed on the stand from which a nozzle protrudes, and beer flows from the nozzle into the cup through a hole near the bottom of the cup. The hole is fitted with a silicon valve that prevents the beer from leaking out of the cup once it is removed from the stand.

The technology originated in Great Britain, but Asahi altered it in order to produce more foam as the cups filled. Traditional beer taps required bartenders to add more foam to the top at the end, but this new server requires 20% less time to pour because the proper ratio of beer to foam comes out at the same time. This makes it easier for bartenders to serve large groups of people at events in shorter amounts of time.

“This new technology should make it more fun for people to go out and drink,” Asahi spokesperson Kenji Katoh said. “We hope that it provides a boost to the restaurant industry.”

Koshien Stadium will introduce the new beer server at the April 6 game between the visiting Yomiuri Giants and the Hanshin Tigers, and Asahi’s plan is to roll them out throughout Japan in June.  A 600-milliliter draft beer costs 600 yen at the Koshien Stadium location.

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