Everyone loves Engrish, and everyone enjoys lampooning the machines that create it and the silly humans who wear it.

Is it as funny when the tables are turned? What happens when non-Japanese deck themselves out in clothing with unintelligible characters on it, only to have the true meaning outed on the web for all to see?

▼”Soft Freeze” . . . while I peacefully slice my pink slime . . .

▼”Bride Hunting” . . . how ’bout it, babe?

▼”Beware of Perverts! Dangerous People Afoot!”

▼”Red Forest” . . . when “Bride Hunting” isn’t doing the job . . .

▼”Giant Penis” . . . sample my Large Root?






▼”I am a stupid American.”

▼”I am Japanese.”

▼”My life is hell.”

▼Trendiest “Loose Panties” VS New Face “Tight Panties” . . . Hey, Engrish belongs to US!!!

▼”What else but Louis Vuitton?”

▼”Full-On Wear and Tear” . . . from a man beaten down by life.

▼”Flamboyant Delight” . . . true ballerz rock the Green Car with Jiyuseki non-reserved tickets.

▼”Pay this jerk” with Adidas on his bum!

▼An “Oh-Crap-We’re-Pregnant Marriage” (Japanese answer to “shotgun marriage”)

Coming soon to a RocketNews24 near you: HEMORRHOIDS! The Best of Comically Bad Japanese Tattoos on Non-Japanese Bodies!

Source: Naver まとめ