Anyone who’s ever clicked through corporate recruitment pages is well accustomed to the stock photo montages of multicultural, gender neutral, in colorful-but-not-too-colorful blue shirt business people shaking hands with unrealistically large smiles on their faces.

They’re so bland and innocuous that they become the visual equivalent to white noise.  That’s why when a company tries something different, they stand out big time, and the reason why I now know who Telecom Support Inc. of Tokyo is.

Their recent recruitment ad posted on a website for job hunters, displays an employee seemingly reaching the height of sexual ecstasy over how awesome his job is.  Intrigued? Me too.

The photo shows a guy dressed up for a day at the office only with his eyes rolling to the back of his head and his tongue sticking out sideways – two key features of the O face.  A few commenters on the internet has pointed this out, but let’s not be hasty and look at the caption written beside the photo first.

“Even an inexperienced guy like me could earn 800,000 yen a month!  I can’t keep in my smiles any more. I’m going to burst! Not just me, everyone who works here gets some action and it doesn’t take amazingly long and hard work to get it. *sweating*”

Maybe the people on the internet are overreacting.  Telecom Support is simply saying that even young virgins to sales can drop hot loads of cash on their loved ones after it’s been thrust into their bank accounts.  In fact it’s so easy that it’s an orgy of business success were everyone walks away sweating but satisfied.  I can’t detect any sexual innuendos there.

Whether this is a case of an unfortunate miscommunication or deliberate use of sex in advertising they certainly served the purpose of getting people to look at their ad.  It also gives you a sense that this company may have a sense of humor and is a fun place to work.  I doubt it’s orgasmic fun, but fun nonetheless.
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