Surely many ladies out there have, at one time or another, found themselves hesitating to wear their favorite blouse or low cut top outside for fear of exposing a little too much cleavage.

Japanese mail order fashion magazine Belle Maison is offering a fashionable and convenient solution to this problem with their “Chest Line Cover,” a piece of fabric that attaches to your bra to cover your chest and give the appearance of wearing a camisole.

The Chest Line Cover is attached by wrapping each end of the cover around the bra’s strap and snapping them into place using one of two buttons on the reverse side. The lower portion of the cover then folds neatly under the bra and you’re ready to go out without having to worry about wandering eyes every time you lean forward!

The product also promises to be a cool alternative to wearing a real camisole as Japan prepares for another hot summer made even hotter with another year of power rationing.

Since it went on sale last summer, the Chest Line Cover has been improved to fit better and adjust to more bra sizes. There are currently 6 colors available: black, white, purple, charcoal blue, grey dot and brown dot, each made from 100% cotton and embroidered at the top with lace for a touch of feminine charm.

The Chest Line Cover can be purchased online at the Belle Maison Monthly Club for 1050 yen ($13).

Source: Walker Plus