A serious issue of contention between the countries of China, Taiwan and Japan was further fueled by banners held up during an AFC Champions League soccer game between the Guangzhou Evergrande and the Kashiwa Reysol.

“Senkaku Islands belong to us! Sola Aoi belongs to the world!” read the various printed banners and cards being held by many supporters of the Guangzhou team.

This is of course in reference to the long-standing feud between China and Japan over the ownership of incredibly hot adult film star Sola Aoi.  The disputed actress, known for her roles in Rear End Special and Illegal Tits Violation 14, was originally widely accepted as a national of Japan.

However, Ms. Aoi amassed a large international following, especially in China, over social networks like Twitter and Weibo around the time she released Mind Blowing Orgasm. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China has urged the Japanese government to relinquish ownership of her to the world.

▼ Sola Aoi


On September 7th 2010, just as Sola Aoi’s successful Married Woman Teacher Violated was released an incident caused tensions between Japan and China to climax.  During a filming of Masochist Big Tits Private Investigator, a Chinese film crew drifted into the studio and began taping as well.

The Chinese cameras collided with Japanese cameras leading to the arrest of the Chinese director and crew.  Two weeks later all members of the Chinese film crew were released and sent back to China without any charges after China had threatened to stop supplying Japan with rare earth minerals.

Many feel that Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s handling of the Big Tits incident was weak and a key event that led to his eventual resignation in 2011.

 Also mentioned in the soccer fans’ banners were the Senkaku Islands (also known as the Daioyu Islands in Chinese).  They’re a group of uninhabited islands in the middle of nowhere given to Japan by the United States following World War II but claimed by China and Taiwan as their own.  The controversy over these islands is widely believed to be a negotiation ploy over the much larger issue of Sola Aoi.
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