There have been a lot of developments with speakers recently and Sanyo Transport, the company who brought you the cutting edge iPhone phonograph tube speaker, has come up with something a little more 21st century.

Not a speaker in itself, this device actually transforms everyday objects like a table or chair into speakers that emit sounds.  Demonstrating again Sanyo Transport’s god-awful product naming skills, the Change Anything You Have Into A Speaker USB Vibration Speaker (CAYHIASUSBVS) uses technology similar to the earless headphones we featured a short time ago.

It works simply by plugging into the USB and Audio-Out ports on your computer.  Then all you have to do is place it on a flat surface and whatever it touches becomes the speaker.  It might be a little hard to imagine but if you sit this on your desk a play some music on your computer, the music will come out of the desk itself.

The advertisement also shows a plastic bottle and box of chocolates being used to belt out some tunes.  It could be fun to try out different items and see what kind of sound you get from them.  You can discover what would make a better speaker; a pizza box or your dog.  However, it’s safe to say that nothing in your home would match a real set of speakers in terms of sound quality.

Sanyo Transport is well aware of this and is marketing the CAYHIASUSBVS for business meetings and presentations.  It’s cool idea really that when you give a presentation the sound comes out of the table so that everyone can hear at the exact same volume.

What could be the fatal flaw in this device is its design.  The dimensions of the CAYHIASUSBVS are 80 x 117 x 80 mm.  The reason for the 117mm height is the mighty silver phallus they triumphantly installed on top of it.

This stick doesn’t seem to serve any purpose except guaranteeing that you have to explain that you do not in fact own a butt plug, and that it’s really a magic box that makes music come out of ordinary objects.  Yeah, that should lower your father’s blood pressure when he comes to visit.

In summary, you can probably get some laughs out of this machine and use it to freak out guests, if you have an extra 3,280 yen (US$40) kicking around.  It also looks pretty useful for meetings like Sanyo Transport intends.

Source: e-supply (Japanese)

The table becomes the speaker

Really, what does this look like to you?

It easily connects to any USB port.