Few can disagree that electric scooters are a sensible way to get around.  They’re convenient, clean, cheaper, and above all else mercifully more quiet than their gas guzzling counterparts.

However these bikes always seem to fall short in the testosterone department.  Even though I realize an electric bike would make my life 1000% easier I could never reconcile that with the fact that I’d look like the foppish lead in some lame European romantic comedy.

This must have been what the all-star team behind zecOO (pronounced ZEKU) were thinking as well.  Aside from being a 250cc sensible eco-friendly way around town, you can look hard as nails with its cyberpunk aesthetic.

Conceived by award-winning Kota Nezu’s Znug Design and built by Autostaff Suehiro who are well known for their dirtbikes, sidecars, and reverse trikes, zec00 takes bike design right back to the drawing board.  And the result is a fantastic blend of form and function.

It’s a refreshing change of pace in these days of sterile Priuses and Smartcars that lack any of the character of vehicles of old. Maybe now I can finally see some of the badass futuristic vehicles I was promised in so many Sci-Fi movies.  Let’s hope other makers follow this trend.

Source: Gizmodo (Japanese)