Longtime readers of our site may remember the story of a Japanese man who was forbidden from leaving work until he could get 1000 retweets on Twitter, resulting in the poor guy sitting naked in the office covered in clothespins.

It looks like the boys at Omokoro, the Japanese website responsible for the incident, have cooked up another humiliating social experiment to subject themselves to: 6 of the site’s staff will don diapers and have a water drink-off to see who can hold their bladder the longest in the ultimate battle of endurance.

Best of all? They’re doing it in front of a live audience and tickets are on sale now!

The event will be held on May 26 at the Shinjuku LOFT/PLUS ONE live house near the East exit of Shinjuku station in Tokyo.

Among the competitors will be the clothespin hero of Twitter himself, Sebuyama, along with chief editor Harajuku, the mastermind who put him up to it in the first place. At least this time the captain has decided to go down with the ship…

So what’s at stake aside some good laughs? According to the event information page, the last man who can stand on stage without wetting himself will be crowned the “King of Steadfast Urine” and, hopefully, a bathroom break.

Tickets cost 1,800 yen and are available for purchase at Lawson convenience stores via LOPPI self-serve ticketing machines by entering the code: 32956. The event starts at 7:00 pm on May 26 and will also be broadcast live via Ustream and Nico Nico Video.

Those who can actually make the trip to Shinjuku might not want to pass up the opportunity though: the first 100 to arrive at the venue will receive a free copy of the Omoroko Book, not to mention the opportunity to see full-grown Japanese wearing diapers trying not to pee themselves.

Source: Omokoro

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