Until recently, Japanese internet user Kamutaro spent every waking moment tormented by a simple, yet overwhelming desire:

“I want to squeeze out breast milk.”

It seems that whenever he saw two objects that resembled breasts in the slightest, he would inadvertently begin to fondle and pinch them in hopes of being treated to a drop of mother’s best.

Nearly driven to madness by this strange oedipean urge, Kamutaro did what any sensible young Japanese male would do to relieve his strange, sexual fantasy: he built a computer program that lets you squeeze a never-ending fountain of breast milk from digital images.

The video below was posted to Nico Nico Douga on May 8 by Kamutaro and shows the program in action. We recommend clicking the speech bubble icon at the bottom right before viewing to turn off scrolling comments.

The video begins with a glimpse into Kamutaro’s struggle: “Nothing comes out! This monitor must be broken!” says Kamutaro as he bangs on his monitor after realizing fondling images of anime characters on his computer screen yields a less-than-desirable amount of breast milk.

The screen then fades to black and the following words appear: “I’ll find a way to make it so I can squeeze out breast milk myself!”

At around :55, Kamutaro reveals the fruits of his labor: “I did it! So much is coming out! I can squeeze so much!” You can almost hear him moaning in ecstasy.

From about 1:12, Kamutaro explains how the program works: “This is how it looks. You can make milk squirt out by positioning your left hand in front of the camera and squeezing the image on the screen. Using your PC, you specify the location and size of the breasts and nipples of the target image. You then squeeze out the milk using the image displayed on the left side of the screen.”

“You can even milk 3D objects!”, Kamutaro exclaims as he squeezes a geyser of breast milk from two steamed buns.

The video continues: “Background differencing allows the program to detect hand movements within the specified field. The amount and trajectory of milk is calculated using my own original formula.” No pun intended.

It’s after this that the video suddenly transforms from hilarious to call-the-cops creepy as Kamutaro violates the altered image of a premature female anime character: “Milk Mai’s school uniform! You can milk big breasts and small breasts! I removed her clothes, but there’s no nipple so this isn’t porn!”

The video ends with Kamutaro raving, “You can use your own drawings or anything! Milk whoever you want!”

In Japan, the line between genius and perversion is blurred milky white.

Source: Nico Nico Douga