May 13 is mother’s day and while most people will likely send their mom flowers and call it a day, here in Japan, 7-Eleven is celebrating by letting their youngest customers draw portraits of their mom and posting them in the store for all to see.

It’s an adorable idea, sure, but a series of photos posted to Japanese blog Kurukuru VIP suggest that Japanese kids these days may have somewhat…mixed feelings about their mothers.

The images are posted below. Mamma must be so proud…

“Hurry up and take a bath!”

“Hurry and find me a new daddy”

Note the “portrait” on the bottom-left.

Honestly, we’re not sure if we should be concerned for accuracy of some of these caricatures or impressed that these kids were able to draw them so well in the first place.

We have, however, suddenly found ourselves a lot more excited for Father’s Day this year.

Source:Kurukuru VIP
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