We have to say that we’re seriously excited about this piece of news from Eastern Europe – Belarus to be precise. Why? Well, we think the reason will be obvious once you see the pictures, but we’ll give you a hint anyway. Eastern Europe, particularly Belarus, is a region known for beautiful women. Top tennis players Victoria Azarenka, who is from Belarus, and Maria Sharapova, who has parents from Belarus, are both known in Japan as athletes of exceptional beauty, just to give a few examples.

The Japanese media has reinforced this image, with T.V. shows portraying Belarus as a land “full of beautiful women”, where “practically every other person you see walking down the street looks like a supermodel”. So, it’s no big secret that there are many lovely women in Belarus. Even so, we were still blown away by the pictures from the recent Miss Belarus beauty pageant. I mean, these ladies are gorgeous! And we’re not just talking about the winner – all the contestants are unbelievably hot!!

28 contestants participated in the final round of the pageant that was held in the capital city of Minsk on May 4th. Naturally, all of the contestants had exquisite features, and looking at the pictures, we thought that each and every one of them looked beautiful enough to be crowned Miss Belarus. What was really impressive was that all of these beauties were about 180cm (5ft. 11in.) in height or taller! Okay, so there’s nothing surprising about a beauty pageant being a virtual collection of supermodels, but we still couldn’t help imagining what a visually striking image the ladies must have made.

The contestants appeared in various outfits for the competition, including jeans, swimsuits and evening gowns. In the end, the tile of Miss Belarus went to 20 year-old student Ms. Julia Skalkovich. She looks very mature and sophisticated in the pictures, and internet users are saying that the dark-haired beauty looks like a real-life Snow White. Winners in other categories, such as Miss Talent and Miss Sports were also announced. (Don’t worry, we have all the pictures below!)

It may be far from Japan, but all of these pictures of beautiful women (and so many of them!) certainly make us want to visit Belarus some day. But then again, who wouldn’t want to visit a country filled with beautiful women?

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▲The Miss Belarus winner, Ms. Julia Skalkovich

Some more pictures of the lovely Ms. Skalkovich

▲As beautiful as Snow White

Okay, and for the winners of the other categories:

▲ Ms. Victoria Shavel, winner of Miss Sports

▲Ms. Natalia Brishten, winner of Miss Top Model

▲Ms. Olga Nikiforova, winner of Miss Talent

▲Ms. Inna Konovalova, winner of Miss Friendship

▲Ms. Maria Velichko, winner of Miss Charity

▲Ms. Tatiana Davydenko, winner of Miss People’s Choice

▲Group photo with all the beauties – everyone looks good enough to be a pageant winner!

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