Judging from the huge amount of attention the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show receives internationally, we all seem to be endlessly fascinated by beautiful lingerie (and the lovely ladies who model them, of course). Well, these unique bras certainly catch the eye, don’t you think? They’re in the shape of fishbowls – with little goldfish swimming in them!

For those of you who like the bras, we’re sorry to disappoint you, but these bras are not for sale; they’re one-of-a-kind, promotional demonstration models produced by underwear manufacturer Triumph International Japan Ltd. Each year, Triumph International Japan announces fun and creative promotional bras that reflect trends in Japanese society. This year, they came up with the “Super Cool Bra” based on the concept of keeping cool without using electricity. Since the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant following last year’s Great East Japan Earthquake, the Japanese public has been conscious about conserving energy and keeping electricity use down.

The bras, modeled in these pictures by lovely Triumph campaign girls Ms. Ayana Kaneda and Ms. Misaki Tanabe, use a gel material that doesn’t freeze, so that they can be cooled in the freezer and still stay soft; they can then keep you feeling cool, at least for a while, while you’re wearing them. Quite an ingenious idea, wouldn’t you say? And since they’re in the shape of fishbowls, they visually look cool too.

And that’s not all that makes these bras unique. The bras come with a small fan or a small wooden ladle (hishaku) that can be attached to the side of the bra. They’re both traditional Japanese items used to stay cool in the summer, and the hishaku ladle is typically used to splash water on the streets around houses to cool the ground. There’s also an ornament in the shape of a traditional Japanese wind bell (fu-rin) containing mint leaves attached to the center of the bra, so the bra also sounds and smell cool as well.

They’ve even designed special bottoms for these bras. One type uses the same material as sudare, a traditional Japanese bamboo blinds used to create shade during warm weather. The other type uses mosquito net material, also traditionally used during the summer to keep pests away. These bottoms also come with a small pouch on the side which contains mint or salt flavored candy, to help you feel refreshed and also replenish minerals lost through sweat. Oh, and by the way, the bottoms are made so that they can actually be used as miniature bamboo screens or mosquito nets. So, as you can see, the entire ensemble focuses on the concept of staying comfortable in warm weather and involves all the senses.

Upon actually wearing the underwear, Ms. Tanabe commented, “The bra feels cool, offers very good support and is comfortable to wear,” and Ms. Kaneda said “It’s just fun and exciting to see the goldfish on the bra”. They said that they hope many people have the chance to see the bra, as it incorporates many traditional Japanese ideas for keeping cool in the summer.

So, what do you think? Regardless of your tastes, it’s hard to deny that these bras are highly artistic. We look forward to many more beautiful underwear creations from Triumph in the future!

Source: Triumph International Japan Ltd. website (Japanese) via Walkerplus news (Japanese)

▲See the bras with all the attachments including the wind bell, fan and ladle.

▲The bottoms can actually be used as a miniature bamboo screen and mosquito net.

▲They’re like works of art!