Korea eats them up, yum!  Now, we may all think of Japan when it comes to sushi rolls, but Korea also has a similar food that they call Gimbap.  Don’t let the above picture fool you, however, gimbap is usually a really delicious take on sushi with some common Korean ingredients like kimchi.

What we see here is the latest dining craze in Korea.  It’s basically just a sushi roll with saury in the middle but for some mystifying reason the head and tail is still attached.  What’s stranger is according to the buzz on Twitter, it’s awesome!

Korean celebrities have been coming out of the woodwork to promote this previously unknown culinary curiosity posting pictures on the internet.  Actor Ji Jin-hee, known for his work in Korean dramas tried it for the first time in 2011 and said that the taste was simply unforgettable.

Comedian and singer Paek Po-ram recently tweeted some photos of herself testing a few rolls out which can be seen below.  Someone ought to tap her for advertising work because just looking at her nibble a few pieces is actually making me want to try these grotesque rolls of seaweed overflowing with fish-skull.

Despite is recent celebrity, this delicacy has humble origins.  Starting off as a form of home cooking native to Seogwipo City of Jeju, which is a beautiful and quaint island south of the mainland of South Korea. From there it earned a place as a traditional food served at special events in the area from food stands.

One thing’s for sure, this dish isn’t going away from Seogwipo’s menus any time soon, but does it have the legs to spread further into Korea and beyond?  It certainly has the head and tail to.

So far all who’ve tried it claim that once you pop your first piece you are left craving more and more.  I might call BS on this or perhaps it’s some sort of mass hysteria. Either way, I’d be willing to give it a try if I’m ever kicking around Jeju, and you should too.  After all, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – or the fish tail sticking out of it.

Source: CNEWS (Korean)

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