What do you think of this picture? A handsome father and pretty mother surrounded by three children who very much resemble each other all smiling in front of the camera – it looks like a happy picture of the perfect family, doesn’t it? But wait, is there something about this family that doesn’t quite look right?

Well, this picture is an ad for a plastic surgery center in Taiwan, and you can see that the children in the picture don’t look like their parents at all. The ad features the line, “The only thing you have to worry you about after plastic surgery is the explaining you’ll have to do to your children.”

Apparently, the parents in the ad have had plastic surgery, and not surprisingly, they both look extremely attractive. The nice nose-line, large eyes, fine pointed chin – it’s probably a safe bet to say that most anyone would be happy to look as good as the parents in this picture do.

But alas, plastic surgery, of course, does not change your genes, and your children would inherit the genes for the looks you were born with. Hence the children who look nothing like their parents, and the worry about explaining the truth to them.

Internet users who have seen the ad seem to think it’s quite funny, posting comments such as:

“This is a great idea for an ad!”
“I’ve never seen such a hilarious ad for plastic surgery!”
“I’m going to die laughing!”
“Of course, DNA doesn’t lie.”
“It’s bound to be hard on the children when they reach adolescence.”
“Hmm. It must be difficult for the parents to look at their children and remember their former selves.”
“I think this is already happening in Korea!”

So, the creators of this ad probably want you to think that once you have plastic surgery, you’ll have a charmed and perfect life except for the explaining you may have to do to your future children. But if you take a moment to think about it, the ad could also be interpreted as a more profound message directed to people considering plastic surgery – “Do you still want to alter your appearance, even if it means you may have to explain it later some day to your children and possibly hurt their feelings in the process?”

We have no way of knowing for sure what exact message the creators of this ad wanted to convey, but it just may be a good idea to think about the long-term consequences if you are considering plastic surgery, as with any big decisions in life.

Source: tt.mop (Chinese)

Below is a slightly enlarged version of the picture above.

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