This isn’t about some botched job either. In early May, a man appearing to have knife wounds was brought to this one hospital, where the staff immediately assessed the situation and prepared for emergency surgery. In the operating room, the doctors asked him what his name was when all of a sudden, this guy completely loses it. He gets up off the operating table, beats up the doctors, and destroys a bunch of equipment in the operating room and other parts of the hospital.

Specifically, the doctors asked for his name and where on his body he was injured, and the man’s response was something along the lines of, “Are you kidding me? F*** you!” The doctors tried to convince him they were trying to help him, but to no avail. He picked up a metal stool and started to attack the members of the operating team. They managed to get out of the operating room but he chased after them. Luckily they did get it on security camera – yay.

In the end, after about 20 minutes (somehow getting from the chaos phase to the negotiation phase) they got him to agree to the operation, with his mother and younger brother allowed to accompany him into the operating room. The hospital also suspended use of all 15 of their operating rooms because they were concerned about unclean outside air getting in through the windows broken by the man and contaminating other patients’ surgeries.

▼One of the doctors who was attacked

▼The doctor’s wounds

▼One of the broken windows

▼The patient, sleeping like a baby post-surgery

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