Corn ain’t supposed to be this pretty. Corn doesn’t normally sparkle like jewels or reflect every color of the rainbow. But when it does, the world sits up and pays attention.

Glass Gem corn lives up to its name with white, pink, blue, purple, green and gold kernels distributed randomly and beautifully across each cob. The magnificent maize is an other-worldly sight at first glance to the extent that Discover Magazine went so far as to inform readers that pictures of the corn had not been edited.

Seeds Trust, a small, family-run American company, introduced the glittering corn to the world via Facebook last year, and it went viral earlier this month. Japanese comments are scattered throughout the comment history on the company’s Facebook page, and Japanese are well are of this decorative treat:

“I want some of that! Where can I get my hands on it?”

“I bow to the power of nature!”

“Looks like jellybeans. Is it sweet?”

“My kids would have no trouble eating veggies that look like this!”

It would almost feel like a sin to eat something so beautiful, but this corn is the real deal. Seeds are scarce, though, and it may take some time to cross the Pacific and show up at your local grocery store.

Source: Facebook Seeds Trust