Korean pop group Girls’ Generation’s Jessica had everything going for her as she stepped to the mound last week at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul. She went into a semi-accurate windup with her white glove, pink shoes, form-fitting jeans and perfect smile aaaaaaand . . . she spiked the ball into the ground three feet in front of her.

Big deal, right? Lieutenant Dan did basically the same thing in Texas a couple nights ago, proving to us that a ceremonial first pitch is like a box of chocolates – you never know what kind you’re gonna get.

And what’s better, throwing like a T-baller or collapsing in a heap a la Sadako last month in the Tokyo Dome?

None of it should come as a surprise; Jessica showed us the extent of her athletic prowess at 0:20 with that strong, convincing fist pump. What is surprising is the harsh criticism piled on poor Jessica by the peanut gallery.

The video hit Youtube on May 11 and has already garnered over 350,000 views. The comment history shows generally good-natured LOL-type comments in English, Japanese and Thai, but then a mean wave of Taiwanese seems to roll in . . .

“What an android bimbo!”

“Would’ve been perfect if that ball had been a grenade.”

“Those Korean copycat bastards, they’d all fry if the North bombed them. Good riddance.”

. . . and to be fair, there were plenty of cruel, nasty comments in English and Japanese as well. It’s sad that the Internet has come to this, and that we’re becoming numb to it all. Jessica’s streamlined pop style might not be for everybody, and that may have been the worst first pitch of all time, but it’s so much better to simply ZOMG and LOLZ and get on with life!

When all is said and done on ceremonial first pitches, nothing is ever going to beat a sitting Prime Minister throwing a strike in a shirt and tie.

Source: Youtube SoneForYuri1205