Apparently Japanese kids can’t stop walking face-first into door handles because Japanese department store chain Tokyu Hands has begun selling a polystyrene safety grip that slides over your door handle to protect children from such collisions.

The best part? It’s called the Waffle Handle and nobody knows why.

We can’t help but think Tokyu Hands is trying to exploit the sometimes excessive concern a mother may have for her child. Not to say that a child’s safety deserves any less than the utmost attention; just, before purchasing the Waffle Handle, we’d like you to think about how many times as a child were you walking perfectly parallel to and so close to a wall that you, in a brief moment of distraction, rammed your forehead into the handle of a closed door?

If your answer is greater than or equal to “one,” you should be ashamed of yourself.

If you’re still set on buying a set of Waffle Handles for your home, they come in four different colors and slide on easily to fit most door handle types. The Waffle Handle is also useful for preventing static electricity and is supposedly a hit with the elderly as well.

The Waffle Handle costs 720 yen (US $9) can be purchased at Tokyu Hands department stores or online from the Tokyu Hands Online Shop.

Source: Tokyu Hands Online Shop