Do you have a favorite comic or anime that you hold dear to you heart? Well, you may not want to express your love for your favorite anime character in a way as permanent as a tattoo, or in a more extreme case, subdermal implants, but wearing anime-inspired make-up that you can wash away sounds like it could be fun doesn’t it? (More importantly, it’s not irreversible!) And as you can see from these Pokemon eye make-up designs, anime themed make-up doesn’t have to look nerdy at all; in fact, the make-up in these pictures look quite striking!

See all the different variations based on the colors of the Pokemon characters:

▲ Beautiful use of the striking dark blue color – love the little fin detail!

▲ Bronze is always a hit make-up color during the summer.

▲The yellow is certainly eye-catching!

▲This red color is sure to set your eyes on fire!

▲The sleeping z’s are undeniably cute and almost look like part of a pattern.

▲Cool in blue – and the swishing tail adds nice movement to the design.

▲Bronze, orange and red create a virtual flame around your eyes!

▲This icy blue color scheme will keep you looking cool regardless of the temperature!

▲Look soft and sophisticated in lavender purple.

Each make-up design in itself may not exactly translate into the appearance of a Pokemon character, but the designs really are beautifully done, and I’m sure any Pokemon fan would be delighted to be able to wear something Pokemon related on their faceand look dazzling while doing so!

So, what do you think of the designs? They look like make-up a fashion model might wear, don’t they? I think the blue Vaporeon design is gorgeous, and the Snorlax design with the “zzz” is absolutely adorable! If you feel inspired by these designs, why not try creating your own make-up based on your favorite anime? And if you do, we hope you share it with us on the internet – we would love to see your creations!