We all know that sexy looking women are great, but there are, of course, also many attractive women who capture our hearts with their pure, innocent look.

We previously posted a story on our Japanese site about a girl in braids who is so adorable that she just made our hearts ache. Well, once again we’ve been mesmerized by pictures of another beautiful, innocent-looking girl, which we wanted to share with you. What’s unusual in this case is that a man who has fallen in love with the pictures is supposedly offering a 2.5 million yen ($31,000) reward for information that will help him find her!

The pictures of the girl in question were posted on a Chinese picture sharing website, and in the pictures, she is seen wearing a pristine white blouse and bright red skirt. She is also wearing an old-fashioned bamboo hat, which only adds to her charm. We also love her long, black hair in braids (a nostalgic but definitely cute hairstyle we hardly ever see anymore, at least in Japan). She appears to be collecting pearls at a pearl farm.

Her expression may be a bit difficult to read under the bamboo hat, but we think she has a distinct, special aura about her that makes her look innocent and sincere. Internet users who have seen the pictures are commenting, “Hey, she really is cute!”, “All right! The ideal, pure looking beautiful girl!!” and “She looks ethereal like a fairy or a demigoddess.” Well, we have to agree that her simple innocence is absolutely fascinating!

And of course, that someone is searching for her with a $31,000 reward only adds to her allure. Apparently, a young man of financial means fell in love with her pictures and has posted on the internet that he will pay 200,000 to anyone who finds her and that he expects to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law in the event he does not pay the reward.

Internet users are somewhat uncertain as to whether the 200,000 refers to 200,000 Chinese yuan. If it is, the amount is roughly the equivalent of 2.5 million yen or $31,000. That’s a hefty reward, whichever way you look at it – so much so, in fact, that people are saying on the internet, “If the guy has that much money, why doesn’t he hire a private investigator?” and “Could this whole story, including the pictures all be a self-enacted charade?”, casting doubt on the validity of the search for the beautiful mystery girl.

Well, $31,000 for a person search on the internet does seem a bit extravagant, so we can understand how some people may be skeptical. But that doesn’t change the fact that this girl, whoever she is, has extraordinary, eye-catching charm. If there really is a love struck man out there looking for the girl, we wish him luck and hope he finds the love of his life!

Source: tt.mop.com (Chinese)

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