Now, we usually don’t go to the bakery to get shocked, but we’ve recently found a collection of pictures on the internet that were taken by unfortunate, unsuspecting bread-shoppers who ended up receiving a shock anyway while at the bakery. Some of the pictures, we think, are quite funny and some are even freaky, but there is something seriously wrong with each and every one of them! So, let’s take a look at the images that caught people unawares while they were simply trying to buy some bread.

▼The sign in the picture below says this is “Anpan-man bread”, but the actual bread is definitely modeled after Doraemon. Granted, they’re both very popular children’s anime characters, but this has to be a bad case of mistaken identity.

▼Okay, this is seriously creepy looking bread!  Whatever happened to the face? (We want to think that this was not the intended look.)

▼These are supposed to be steamed buns modeled after Pikachu from the Pokemon series, but  sorry, they look like zombified gerbils!

▼This green bread was supposed to look like Gachapin, a lovable character from a popular Japanese  children’s TV program, but here, they just look like green monsters don’t they? (No, these are not modeled after the Incredible Hulk.)

▼Umm, we’re not sure what this is supposed to be – maybe some kind of marine life? Well, seeing them lined up together like this gives me the creeps!

▼Oh, no, the bears are coughing up chocolate-colored blood! Definitely an unsuccessful attempt at creating chocolate-filled bread. Apparently, this bakery closed shop soon after this picture was taken.

▼Bread with nipples (made from cheese), anyone?

▼Help, it’s the attack of the faceless bread man!

▼Can you guess what this is? It’s supposed to be a unicorn beetle – umm, okay, if you say so.

▼And here’s a stag beetle to accompany the unicorn beetle. By the way, both types of beetles are very popular with Japanese children and some are traded for  very high prices (the live beetles, not the bread, of course).

▼And this, believe or not, is supposed to be an eel! (Don’t ask us why the baker wanted to make an eel out of bread.)

Okay, that’s it for now! We hope you enjoyed taking a look at the bizarre and mysterious sights  found in Japanese bakeries.

Source: Naver Matome (Japanese)