Now that mind-controlled cat ears are a thing you can buy, the next logical step toward mankind’s evolution into adorable feline cyborgs is, as a video uploaded yesterday to Nico Nico Douga suggests, a pulse-controlled cat tail.

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The tail was made by covering a robotic arm in hand-knit fir and connecting it to a pulse sensor using an AVR microcontroller. The sensor is attached to clothespin that is clipped on the wearer’s ear lobe and transmits the body’s pulse rate to the tail. The tail begins to sway back and forth once the wearer reaches a set BPM, moving more rapidly as the rate climbs higher.

Since this is Japan, the creators test the tail by having a girl dress up in a French maid outfit, put the tail on and stand in the kitchen. While the tail doesn’t seem to move much at first, one of the guys on the side calls out “you’re cute!” to get the girl’s pulse up. This seem to does the trick because the tail then begins to move rapidly back and forth as she breaks out laughing.

The cat tail still appears to be in the development stage but we would be surprised to see it turned into an actual product like the Nekomimi cat ears. And if that happens, you know it’s only a matter of time before catgirl maid cafes start popping up across Akihabara…

Source: Nico Nico Douga

▼”The robot arm was designed to have two joints”

▼”The finished arm with two RC servo motors”

▼”Servo bracket made from bent aluminum”

▼”After covering the arm in hand-knit fur”

▼”Pulse detecting sensor worked into a wood clothespin that attached to the ear lobe”

▼”The control box reworked to be more compact (from the previous model)”

▼”Uses an AVR microcontroller boarded with Arduino bootloader”

▼”The complete set”

▼The test subject stands in the kitchen

▼”The tail isn’t moving…”

▼”Say something that will get her heart beating!”

▼”You’re cute!”