A photo that has been circulating the internet recently has people scratching their heads. Suspected by some to be photoshopped, this image has captured what appears to be an arguably beautiful cockroach.

Naturally, not everyone is assuaged by the makeover. As one commenter succinctly pointed out “a cockroach is a cockroach.” True, but probably everyone would trade our hideously black city dwelling breed of roach for this more palatable line. Which begs the question: “What the heck, cockroaches?”

These baby blue roaches with yellow trim are said to be found in the Neotropical zone, which is a fancy word for South and Central America.  Located in the deep rainforest, protected by dozens of man-eating beasts they sit enjoying their bright colors which make them easily spotted by predators.

So apparently, in addition to being disgusting, dirty, and difficult to kill, cockroaches are also annoyingly passive-aggressive.  Those colors would be well suited for an urban environment with all its billboards and neon lights, and as an added bonus be less objectionable to people.

But noooOOooo.  Just out of spite, the cockroaches choose to be the ugliest colors possible just to mess with us, even after we paid homage to them in robot form.

It’s certainly not the first time.  All the doves in a city became dirty ol’pigeons.  Cute mice all turned into filthy disease ridden rats.  Beautifully colorful Koi anyone? How about an ugly fat grey carp instead?

Sure. humans have raped their land making it barely livable for most forms of wildlife, but do they really got to get all ugly just to get back at us? Animals can be so petty sometimes.

Source: Matome Complate (Japanese)