Perhaps the most glorious tag ever to trend is currently like fire spreading through the Japanese Twitterverse: #FemaleCleavageExposureFestival.

The best part? There’s no shortage of willing participants.

It all began at around 1pm earlier today when Japanese female Twitter users began uploading images of their cleavage to Twitpic.

The topic is still trending strong as of 8:30 pm, though many of the links are now bait and switch.

Togetter has put together a nice collection of cleavage pictures shared thus far. Those of you who want to participate in the festivities (and by all means, please do!), the hashtag is #女子谷間晒し祭り (joshi tanima srashi maturi).

You might want to be careful clicking on links directly from Twitter though, as not everyone seems to notice that the tag specifies “female”…

Could this become a new Twitter tradition? Will there be a Female Cleavage Exposure Festival 2013 on June 5 of next year?

Or is it only a matter of time before this trend *puts on sunglasses* goes bust?

Source: Twitter, #女子谷間晒し祭り


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