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So, there’s this lovely June 1st holiday in China called “Children’s Day where kids get a day off from school, parents take their kids to cool museums to learn something historical, and where some lucky young ones receive presents from their parents or elders. One 12 year-old apparently didn’t see himself as lucky enough.

Late that night, police get a call from the youngster who reported getting swindled out of 6500 yuan (about 1000 USD) by some old person. Due to the fact that the call was coming in so late at night, and the alleged victim was so young, the police perceived the urgency of the case to be high, and dispatched officers to the boy’s village immediately. Upon arrival, they were greeted out front by the friendly but baffled elderly resident of the house who didn’t have a clue as to why they were there, followed a minute later by the boy in question, who points at the elderly woman and says, “She’s the one!”

As it turns out, it all stemmed way back from New Years (when children typically receive gift money from adults). The boy’s grandmother had put all of his New Years money into the bank. This Children’s Day, the boy had tried to withdraw the money to buy himself something special, but his grandmother wouldn’t let him. The boy sought out a higher authority, and so we have the call to the police.

Apparently the boy’s parents died a long time ago and the grandmother had been the only one raising the boy. She said she may have coddled him too much to overcompensate for his unfortunate circumstances and this caused his extreme reaction to not getting his way. In the end, the grandmother promised to buy him a present and he in turn promised not to do anything like this again. (Unnamed witnesses say that, after a 30 minute huddle consulting with superior officers, the police decided there was nothing they could arrest either the boy or grandmother for, so they packed up and went back to their hive.)

Chinese sources:news.xhby.net