Everyone has those days where you just feel like getting away from it all, but some people have acted on that impulse in spectacular ways.

The following are some photos of the most beautiful and most secluded residences in the world.  You can’t help but wonder how people live in these places and as you’ll see, it usually requires monk-like discipline.

▼This house is the only thing on the Vestmannaeyjar Islands in Iceland.

hoto: Flicker

▼This Bhutan monastery looks straight out of a Kung Fu movie.

Photo: Flicker

▼I guess this person really didn’t want people next door. Not satisfied with being the only home on the island, they also put their house between two huge rocks to prevent any future neighbors.

Photo: France-For-Visitors

▼This eye-rub-inducing monastery, Eremo di San Colombano, was built into the side of a mountain. I guess those monks were fans of Escher.

Photo: Flicker

▼This Lake Bled in Slovenia is has a small island in the middle with only a church on it.  As isolated as it looks in the picture, there are actually hotels all around the lake.


Photos: Chillout In The Night

▼This picture of Shakh-Zinde mosque helps to show that silence is golden in all religions.

Photo: Library of Congress

▼One of the many isolated castles around Europe which are a major draw for any tourist interested in beautiful buildings.

Photo: Mailnot

▼What could be more secluded than moving out to the countryside?

Photo: Rungmasti

▼Getting your own island.  Although some of these homes stick out like a sore thumb.

Photos: Rungmasti

Photos: Damn Cool Pictures

▼And finally this photo, which sets my photoshop-sense tingling like crazy, seems to defy a few laws of physics, architecture, geology and anthropology.

Photo: Jokeroo

▼This, however, is real. It’s one of six buildings that make up the Metéora, a group of monasteries in Greece all built on rock pillars about 500 years ago.

Photo: Rungmasti

Source: Naver (Japanese)

Top Photo: Google Plus