A quick look at the photo above and you might be quick to dismiss it as photoshopped. You wouldn’t be completely wrong: the arm in the picture has certainly been “edited”, just not digitally—this skin-embedded battery compartment is actually a piece of optical illusion body art by Japanese university student, “Chooo-san”.

Chooo-san keeps a Tumblr where she shares photgraphs of her work, most of which are slightly disturbing modifications of her own face like adding an extra mouth or several extra eyes.

Like her other pieces, the battery compartment was painted directly on her arm using acrylic paint. The title for the piece is “My Power Source.”

During a gap year spent preparing for university entrance exams, Chooo-san would often draw eyes on her hand while taking breaks from her studies. Charmed by how suprisingly disgusting the doodles turned out, she eventually began painting other bizarre modification on her body as well.

According to her Twitter, she’ll be participating in a “group exhibition” this August, though she hasn’t specified where.

Whenever it is, we’re not sure we have the courage to be in a room full of acrylic-modified faces…

Source: ITMedia