If you were a fish, wouldn’t you want to be able to swim around the world? Well, any fish in this stunningly artistic fishbowl designed by Takuro Yamamoto Architects can travel the world – or at least appear as if they are to anyone looking at the fish. The “fishbowl” actually isn’t shaped like a bowl at all, but you have to admit that the design is definitely eye-catching. It’s as if the container and fish together form a living work of art! Forget fancy fish tanks with all the high-tech accoutrements. Could this fishbowl (or fish tank or aquarium or whatever else it may be appropriate to call it), with its simplistic yet exquisite design, be a fish’s dream home?

The unique fishbowl, called the “World Trip” aquarium, is actually a design that was submitted to designboom’s 2012 TIFF Award and made the competition shortlist. The design involves recreating a world map inside the container using clear synthetic acrylic resin. Takuro Yamamoto describes the creation as a “glass goldfish basin” that lets your goldfish enjoy a world-wide trip of adventure.

So, where can you get one of these? Well, the answer unfortunately is that you can’t, because the World Trip aquarium is only a conceptual design, and not an actual product. So much for the dream goldfish residence. But we hope it may be made available as a product in the future, as the goldfish swimming inside the world map truly looks visually amazing, not to mention what a wonderful and stylish present it would make!

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Photos: Takuro Yamamoto Architects Newletter

▼The images are stunning! It would be lovely to have something like this in your room.