If you’ve ever donated blood in Japan, you probably know that blood donors are often given tasty drinks and snacks as a kind of Thank-you gift for their good deed. Well, the same is apparently true in China. However, a snack received by one particular blood donor in China has caused considerable anger among Chinese internet users on Weibo, the Chinese version of twitter.

According to the information posted on Weibo, the incident, as reported by the Chinese media, occurred in Henan Province in Central China. The unsuspecting blood donor, Mr. Zhang, gave blood at the Henan Red Cross Blood Center and received a small pack of Oreos and milk for his donation. So, happy to have done a good deed, Mr. Zhang went home and was about to eat the Oreo cookies when he noticed something amiss, and that’s when the trouble started. When Mr. Zhang looked closely, he saw that the name on the package was not “奥利奥”, the name of the popular cookie in Chinese, but a very similar yet different “奥利粤”. He had been given a rip-off product! Understandably, Mr. Zhang felt a bit miffed about receiving rip-off cookies for his generous act, and his wife, Mrs. Zhang reacted by posting an angry comment about what had happened on Weibo.

Mrs Zhang was apparently quite upset as she commented, “Of course, we don’t donate blood because we want gifts in return, but what are they thinking, giving fake products to donors?” Many Weibo users sympathized with Mrs. Zhang’s anger and responded with comments such as “Well, we’ll have to be careful about the foods we receive at blood donation centers from now on!” “Is this how they repay generosity?” and “I never want to give blood again!”

The staff at Hunan Red Cross Blood Center have responded to the media saying that the cookies in question were indeed distributed by their center and also that the cookies are a quality product made by a reliable manufacturer. However, because of the amount of attention the story has received, they have already stopped giving out the particular brand of cookies.

Well, we have to say that distributing rip-offs to blood donors is certainly in poor taste (or is it possible that the people distributing the cookies were themselves not aware of the fact? ), but in any case, we hope this incidence doesn’t put many people off donating blood!

Source and Photo: news.qq.com via Narinari.com