There is no shortage of reasons to learn Chinese. It’s spoken by millions of people, it opens the door to a fascinating culture and it can give you a competitive edge as more and more companies are doing business with China.

If you’re still not convinced, the website is offering online courses featuring hot, lingerie-clad models who teach you Mandarin Chinese.

There, now you have no excuse not to start to learning (unless you’re female or are already dating a sexy Chinese model, which we know you’re not).

Sexy Mandarin launched last December with their first lesson, “What Time Is It?”, in which two half-naked women recite time vocabulary after intimately caressing each other in bed.

There have been a total of 9 stimulating lessons since then, teaching viewers phrases such as “the police are here” and “we are washing the car”. We think you can imagine the kind of situations in which they are spoken.

One of the difficulties of learning Chinese is mastering 4 different tones. Luckily, the models speak with a slow and seductive accent that’s easy on the ears. Key words are also repeated several times with the camera zoomed up close on the model’s luscious lips so you can follow their movements and practice yourself.

The site was created by Kaoru Kikuchi, a Japanese model and designer who graduated from the school of architecture at the University of Nottingham. While Kaoru created the site with the intention of making Mandarin more accessible to learners, it has been met with mixed reactions from the Chinese community, with some criticizing it for not taking language learning seriously. Others, however, credit Kaoru for leveraging that unique Japanese eroticism for a practical use.

Source: Sexy Mandarin

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