It was bound to happen, we just didn’t think it would be this fast.

In light of the recent “misfire” by international hactivist collective Anonymous after their first foray into Japan, Japanese netizens have done what they always do when they want to make fun of someone and personified the group as anime characters.

Images began appearing on Twitter on June 27 soon after Anonymous made a series of endearing tweets in faltering Japanese apologizing for launching a DDoS attack against the Kasumigaura River Office, mistaking “Kasumigaura” for “Kasumigaseki,” a district in Tokyo where many central government offices are located.

The first image to hit was none other than a moe character, drawn by user @papipu13:

The girl’s shirt reads: “Anonymous,” and the kanji to her left read: “Seki” and “Ura”.

Next was an image by @konnbuHINAYA, who writes: “I drew Anonymous based on how I viewed their behavior”:

The image shows a panicked “Anonymous-san” desperately trying to explain his actions: “It’s not like I made a mistake and I’m really going to attack the “Democratic Party of Japan” next time and I’ve totally got this under control!”

After that came this masterpiece from @sakakir:

“I blew it… Japanese is difficult…” (Those of you who know a bit of Japanese might find it amusing that that this Anonymous-san uses the gobinimasu” ala “anonimasu” at the end of his sentences).

The character in this image by @seimannu looks familiar…

“Sorry for attacking the wrong site!” (Notice how she employs the tehepero).

Skipping over a few less inspirational pieces, we come to “Clumsy Girl Anonymous-chan” by @Kanta_birds:

“I won’t make any more mistakes!”

And one more:

And as is bound to happen with most Japanese “moefication” sprees, @mitts2013 offers an interpretation that no one wanted to see. Meet “Anonymous-tan”:

@exia_mof draws Anonymous-san sitting outside a signboard the reads “Kasumigaura” using good ol’ fashion pencil and paper:

“Where am I…? Japanese is difficult…”

Finally, we come to @iso_hey‘s offering, which seems to show an earnest Anonymous-san doing his best to hit the target only to realize his mistake afterwards:

The images above and more can be found gathered together in a collection at

While the images are obviously poking fun at Anonymous, it looks like they were made with good intentions. Still, as many users have commented on the togetter page, “this is what happens when you intervene in Japan.”

Source: Togetter