Depositing your loose change into a piggy bank can be a fun way to practice frugality, but what if you don’t have a piggy bank to begin with?

Instead of going out and buying one (because that would be unnecessary spending!), why don’t you create your own kitty bank—all you need is a cardboard box, a pair of scissors and a cat!

The video below shows the kitty bank in action.

The mechanism is simple: just stick your cat inside of a cardboard box with a paw-sized hole cut into the side. To make a deposit, place the coins near the hole and watch in delight as your tabby teller reaches through the hole to pull them inside.

And since your money is stored together with an animal in a small, enclosed space, you can guarantee that any attempts at an early withdraw will result in scratched-up hand.

Still, who would have thought that Japanese cats are so greedy?

Oh wait…

Source: YouTube