A little over a year ago no one knew who she was. Now she’s one of the most googled women in China and can be found on the cover of magazines and turning heads at motor shows year-round.

She is Gan Lulu, the 26-year-old model from Beijing who became a overnight sensation after her mother posted a video of her naked in the shower to the internet with the hopes of finding her a boyfriend.

Over the past year she has become known for her eccentric and jaw-droppingly sexy wardrobe which she displays for the camera with an unabashed confidence. Now Lulu seems to be taking cues from Lady Gaga with a set of 3 audacious outfits worn during last month’s Pan-Asia Int’l Auto Show fittingly dubbed the “Tricolored Breasts.”

While it’s usually Lulu’s exposed skin that steals the show, this time around it was what was covering her skin that put her at the center of attention.

The “Tricolored Breasts” three-piece was made up of the following:

▼The “Red Thorn”:

▼The “Golden Armor”:

▼The “S&M Seduction”:

Upon seeing the images above, many Chinese netizens drew comparisons to Lady Gaga’s style of bizarre yet eye-catching fashion and called her Lulu the “Chinese version of Lady Gaga.” This didn’t seem to sit well with Lulu, however, who posted to China’s Twitter-like service Sina Weibo: “Gan Lulu is Gan Lulu!”, and later: “No! Lady Gaga is actually a foreign version of Gan Lulu!” and “I will do things my way, no matter what anyone says!”

It seems as though her cleavage isn’t the only thing she’s intent on asserting.

Incidentally, Gan Lulu’s mother has successfully ridden on her daughter’s coattails by acting as her quirky, sometimes abusive manager. Lulu doesn’t seem to hold any antipathy towards her mother for using her body as a publicity stunt, though looking at mom’s getup during the 2012 Beijing auto show we think that “pimp” might be a more accurate job description than manager:

We’ve posted a small collection of Gan Lulu doing what she does best below. Be sure to also check out the Daily Lenghui for more!

Source: Now News (Chinese)

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