All you fellas out there know the best way to pick up women is by using playboy mud flaps while driving their van airbrushed with a painting of a seminude Valkyrie and wearing their “beaver inspector” T-shirt.

Well now you have another weapon in your arsenal of manliness guaranteed to score with the ladies.  This sexy bath tub lady iPhone case is certainly impressive by itself, but beneath the bath water lies secret that will tempt everyone to buy it.

The lady’s head acts as a stand for your iPhone!  Yes, the back of this woman’s head is ideal to prop up your mobile phone for web surfing or video chatting.  Is that classy or what?

On top of this feature, the bathing beauty can also snap off, leaving a plain white case. This is great in case you have to go to a job interview and you’re afraid the raw sexuality of your iPhone would send your prospective employer into a wild frenzy the likes of which they may never recover.

The phone is quite reasonably priced at 2480 yen (US$31) which is lower that a lot of iPhone cases out there that have much less functionality – and less animal magnetism.  It also comes with a screen film protector and microfiber cleaning cloth.  So even if you buy it and never let your soaking sexpot out in public, you’ll still probably come out ahead of the game in terms of value.

So go get her guys! But be sure to heed the manufacturer’s warning: “The lady in the tub is a delicate flower, handle her gently and she’ll be yours for a long time.”

Source: Gaugau (Japanese)

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