A shocking image has surfaced on the net that may prove to be a nail in the coffin of President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

If the information in the image can be believed to be true, President Obama is following the Twitter account of 13-year-old moe anime girl bot, @akari_daisuki.

The screenshot above appeared on Japanese Livedoor blog 2ch tte nandesuka? on July 11, causing “Obama” and “president” to soar to the top of the trending topics list in Japan.

According to the image, President Obama (or at least someone on his 2012 campaign staff) is following @akari_daisuki, a Twitter bot of 13-year-old Japanese junior high school student Akari Akaza from the manga and anime series YuruYuri. The series follows the daily lives and happenings of a (sometimes romantically) close group of Japanese junior high school girls.

The bot automatically tweets a modified version of the line: “Yay! Usushio (lightly salted)! I love usushio!“, spoken by Akari as she eats potato chips while waiting at a train station. The line has become a meme in Japan and the bot simply replaces the word usushio with a random word pulled from Wikipedia every 15 minutes, resulting in something like “Yay! Hans Breuer! I love Hans Breuer!

So is Obama a YuruYuri fan? Is this all part of his hidden otaku agenda to moe moe kyun the American economy out of recession? Seeing as how there are about 680,000 other people Obama is following, we’re not about to investigate ourselves, but we certainly hope so.

Source: 2ch tte nandesuka?