A letter of resignation has surfaced on the internet and made headlines in China for its contents.  It would seem that when the team leader of a certain electric motor factory discovered that it was in fact a sausage factory, he felt it was time to find other avenues of employment.

The letter was posted by an internet user going by the name @luweiji on his microblog with the message: “This is not a joke. This is a real letter from Shunde Jintai Desheng Motor Co.” The person who submitted the letter had worked at the factory for three years before losing his ambition and finally resigning, his reason for quitting being:

“This factory is small and the women are few. It’s too difficult to land a girlfriend here.”

The team leader’s boss had signed off on the letter, but not before adding his own two cents.

“Don’t blame others when you don’t have game. It’s your own fault you can’t get a girl.”

Neither men’s names were revealed, however reporters in China had investigated the factory where this event occurred.  Factory spokespeople could not confirm that the letter was real and pointed out several inconsistencies.

First the employee had said that the factory was “small” when in fact they employ nearly 1000 people.  Furthermore the form used for this letter is not the same as the ones used in a factory.

Whether this letter is a hoax or not all comes down to if you believe a faceless internet user or a faceless company – which seems to be a common dilemma of modern times.

Source:   recordchina (Japanese)