Fans of Japanese manga and anime may be familiar with the Sailor Moon series – you know, the manga/anime where a group of cute teenage girls in sailor-style uniforms (with the obligatory short skirts, of course) use their magical powers to kick serious butt and save the world from the forces of evil. The original manga/anime started quite some time ago in 1992, and after capturing the hearts of not just little girls but adult fans as well, has remained a popular icon of the magical-girls (“maho-shojo“) genre.

In the past, we’ve brought to you a story on our Japanese site about some cool Sailor Moon drawings by a Mexican artist, but this time we have an awesome rendition of Disney heroines posing as Sailor Moon characters created by an artist from the Netherlands. And we have to say that we are seriously impressed by how perfectly natural the characters all look in the picture!

The picture, created by artist Manon Yapri, was actually made public several years ago, but with 2012 being the 20th anniversary year of the Sailor moon series, her picture is again receiving much attention from around the world.

Titled “Sailor Disney”, the picture features the following Disney characters as the cast of Sailor Moon:

Ariel (from “The Little Mermaid”) as Sailor Moon
Melody (“The Little Mermaid 2”) as Chibi Moon
Mulan (“Mulan”) as Sailor Mercury
Jasmine (“Aladdin”) as Sailor Mars
Belle (“Beauty and the Beast”) as Sailor Jupiter
Aurora (“Sleeping Beauty”) as Sailor Venus
Madellaine (“The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2”) as Sailor Uranus
Esmeralda (“The Hunchback of Notre Dame”) as Sailor Neptune
Pocahontas (“Pocahontas”) as Sailor Pluto

The characters all seem to fit the images of their Sailor Moon identities perfectly, and that didn’t happen by coincidence! A lot of thought went into assigning the Sailor Moon identities to the lovely Disney ladies, as not only their physical appearance but their age and character profiles were apparently taken into consideration. For example, both Ariel and Melody from the Little Mermaid series and their alter-identities, Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon, are mother and daughter pairs. Further, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, who have a very close relationship in the Sailor Moon series, are both portrayed by characters from the Hunchback of Notre Dame series.

Another detail that definitely adds an element of “Sailor Moon” to the picture is the colorful lace pattern in the background, which is typical of the series. The artist must really love Disney and Sailor Moon to incorporate all of these details into the picture, and we have to say the result is a huge success. By the way, Manon Yapari has also created a picture of characters from the manga/anime “Ranma 1/2” taking on Sailor Moon identities (posted below for your entertainment), and this picture looks to be another excellent effort as well.

In any case, if you’re a Sailor Moon fan, you should get ready for some excitement this year! Following the recent official event on the Japanese video-sharing website “Nico-Nico Douga”, many fan events celebrating the series’ 20th anniversary are scheduled around the world. You’d better join in the celebration, or the Sailor warriors may come find you and punish you “in the name of the Moon”!

Source: Deviantart manony

▼A slightly enlarged version of the picture above, so you can see up-close how perfect the characters look!

▼A picture featuring characters from “Ranma 1/2” as Sailor warriors

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