If you see a sign reading “Must be This Short to Ride” at a Chinese amusement park, they’re not talking about height: the Merryland Theme Park, located in the southern Chinese city of Guilin, is offering heavily-discounted admission to female visitors wearing skirts shorter than 38 centimeters (15 inches).

The two month-long “Love Miniskirt” promotion is now in its fifth year, running every summer from July to August since 2007.

During the promotion, female visitors sporting a skirt meeting the 38 centimeter requirement receive a 50% discount off the standard 110 yuan (US $17.25) admission fee.

“We chose 38 centimeters because it is scientifically proven to be the ideal skirt length for making women look beautiful,” comments the park manager during an interview with a local television station. “It’s natural for women to dress light during the summer. That makes this the perfect campaign for our female visitors,” he adds.

While there is no limit to how short the skirt may be, you must be 18 or over to receive the discount. Female staff are in charge of measuring skirt lengths, so you don’t have to worry about old Chinese men feeling you up with anything but their eyes.

Thanks to the campaign, Merryland Theme Park has become a summer paradise of short-skirted women. “The half-price admission is great for students like me, ” says one female visitor. “They’re not forcing women to wear miniskirts, right? If you don’t like miniskirts, then don’t wear them.”

But not everyone seems to “Love Miniskirt” as much as the ladies wearing them, as some have complained the promotion is “vulgar marketing,” “sexist” and “could put young women in danger.”

This certainly isn’t the first quirky discount we’ve seen in Asia. Some restaurants in Japan offer deals to customers who show up in a kimono or a schoolgirl uniform. In Beijing, there’s even a yakiniku joint where you can score a free order of beef tongue if you make out for 10 seconds.

Source: Youku @smgbb.cn
Photos: RocketNews24

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