For those of you just coming out of some form of hibernation this past week, let us direct your attention to that noble sporting event, track and field, in which athletes continually strive to push the limits of the human body.

As the runners wait at the starting line, we can often see them shouting war-cries, getting spectators psyched up and clapping, and otherwise getting themselves into their respective zones. Recently a video from the Junior World Championship in Barcelona of hurdler Michelle Jenneke and her pre-race jig, featuring some wiggly jiggling and trippy hand fluttering, has been swirling around the internets, particularly the version edited to have slow-motion and some fun, corny music (see below).

Here’s a comprehensive collection of Olympic athletes to keep an eye on.

And, in slow motion…

Aside from the funkiness of the moves, part of the charm is probably the visibly smiling face of Jenneke and her occasional waves to spectators, giving an impression of someone relaxed, pure, and happy. After a few rounds of her wiggling/jumping/fluttering, we get to see the actual race and whether Jenneke actually has some ability in the 100-meter hurdles. She blew away the competition in this particular race but ultimately finished a disappointing 5th. Unfortunately we won’t be seeing her at London, but many fans are already looking forward to her appearance in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016.

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