On June 30 the Miss International Regional Qualifying Pageant was held in Chongqing, China.  However, as the winners (pictured above) were announced, backlash from scores of confused spectators and an allegation that the contest was fixed has prompted organizers to hold a second pageant.

The decision came after weeks of outrage expressed on the internet, saying that the winners “couldn’t possibly be the most beautiful women of Chongqing” or more bluntly “they’re way too ugly.” To add fuel to the fire, one judge is now declaring that he was “under pressure” to choose the three women.

Pageant organizers deny claims of match-fixing and are asserting that this second contest is not in response to the public’s comments.  Also, the previously chosen winners will remain as such and they will still move onto the national round representing Chongqing.

Organizers claim that the second contest is simply to “increase the range of contestants” meaning that now 6 women in total will move onto the next level.

Public reaction to the second contest was mixed, with some welcoming a chance “to choose the real beautiful women of Chongqing” and others claiming that extending the number of finalists is “unfair to the original winners.”

Pageant officials continue to defend their original choices, saying that “everyone has a different sense of what is beautiful” and “the winners met the international requirements of beauty.”  This begs the question; why have a second contest?  When asked this by the media, pageant organizers had no comment.

It’s a tough situation for these three ladies thrust into the international spotlight under such circumstances, and by holding a second contest the organizers are indirectly saying that they don’t have faith in their choices.  However, as of yet, there is no proof that the contest was fixed.  This may just be a matter of different strokes for different folks.

Source:  Dayoo, NJ Daily, CK 101 (Chinese)

▼From left to right: the runner-up, first place, and third place

▼It seems the third place winner has been getting most of the attention. She certainly does make you look at her.

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