Not everyone is born into their ideal body—that’s why people get cosmetic surgery, right?

But imagine if you were born into a body of the opposite gender, or transgender. If you thought being born with a flat chest or a crooked nose was bad, try dealing with a whole collection of unneeded parts, not to mention the stress of everyone telling you you’re a gender that you know you’re not.

Luckily, just as regular people can get plastic surgery, transgender people can physically change their bodies to match their gender by taking hormones in a process known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Wonder how much the human body can change just by rebalancing some chemicals? A series of photographs documenting the physical transformation of a transgender female (chick born into a dude’s body) as she goes through HRT has been dropping jaws across the internet.

The first photo (above), taken July 26 2010, shows an ordinary guy sitting in his ordinary guy room with ordinary guy NFL posters on the wall and ordinary guy Harry Potter books sitting on the ordinary guy bookshelf.

However, as the photos progress over a period of 14 months, the ordinary young “man” gradually transforms into an ordinary young girl. The final picture, date February 20 2012, shows a cutie that looks a lot like this girl my friend dated in college…

It’s said that getting desired results from hormone replacement therapy is much more difficult for transgender women than it is for transgender men, but it looks likes it all worked out pretty well for this young girl. We wish her the best of luck with her new body!

Source: (Russian)

▼6 months later…

▼7 months later. Things really start to pick up from here.

▼8 months later.

▼9 months later.

▼10 months later.

▼11 months later.

▼12 months later.

▼13 months later.

▼14 months later.

▼Wonder whatever happened to the NFL posters…

▼Similar transformation stories can be found on YouTube

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