Look, if Disney can team up with Square Enix to make video games, there’s no reason why they can’t work something out with Jump either, right? Please?

While a Kingdom Jump Super Stars may never be a reality, deviantART artist scaragh has shared her take on what it might look like if the cast of popular manga One Piece were redrawn by Disney.

While we first saw the images above and below on a Yahoo! Korea article dated July 25 2012, it was actually posted to deviantART way back in 2009. Both Disney and One Piece are well known throughout Asia and the images quickly gained attention over the Korean and Japanese net.

The entire Straw Hat Pirate crew is present, along with some of the series’ more memorable villans and side characters.

While all the character designs look great, Luffy in particular looks like he might break out into song at any second (♪Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat…♪).

Source: deviantART, Yahoo! Korea

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