When Chinese model Li Ling (李玲) took the stage at this year’s China Joy gaming expo in Shanghai, photographers didn’t quite know where to point the camera. Sure, from the waist up, she looked great cosplaying as a busty, scantily-clad Athena from the Saint Seiya anime/manga franchise.

The problem is that her outfit stopped from the waist the up, providing attendees with a gracious glimpse of her see-through lace panties. (Some of the photos below are NSFW)

Li Ling was cosplaying as a booth girl for Chinese gaming company ZQGAME to promote their online game Legend of Saints. While the 22-year-old model probably didn’t have much of a say in choosing her wardrobe, it didn’t take long for staff to notice that the outfit blatantly violated dress regulations and she was banned from coming back for the remaining two days of the event.

After being sent home, Li Ling wrote on China’s Twitter-like microblogging platform Sina Weibo: “Today, after my first performance finished, I was told by the organizers to leave immediately and that I am forbidden from coming back tomorrow and the day after. It happened all so quickly and I don’t know what to do now. I was just doing my job… Being a booth girl is hard: while it looks like we may be basking in the spotlight, we’re really struggling. Keep going everyone, you have 2 days left…though I have to go home earlier than planned.”

After posting the blog, revealing photos of Li Ling quickly began to circulate on the internet, making her an instant net celebrity and her Sina Weibo profile page was quickly overrun by comments from fans old and new supporting her and criticism ZQGAME for jeopardizing her career.

In response, Li Ling posted another message to her blog, saying: “Thank you everyone. But please don’t attack ZQGAME. I’m not sure of the circumstances myself and if my outfit offended anyone, I apologize. ZQGAME is supporting me and I think they had no other choice. I don’t want this to turn into a dispute between the company and the event organizers, so if me leaving will solve the problem then I will leave. I do not feel bitter toward anyone over this, I promise.”

This isn’t the first time a young Chinese girl has become a net sensation for “accidentally” showing a little too much skin, nor will it be the last. Now it’s up to Li Ling to decide if she wants to take her image as a professional exhibitionist and run with it or throw on a coat and bow out gracefully.

Source: 2012CJ雅典娜斉P短裙爆乳 CJ雅典娜李玲照片

▼Athena from Seint Seiya, for comparison

▼And now Li Ling as Athena (NSFW)

▼And Li Ling as…Li Ling

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