We recently ran a report on how the sexual drives of younger Japanese people have been plummeting in recent years.  Little did we know that lady luck would swing by this nation in crisis taking the forms of Japan men and women’s Olympic soccer teams.

So what does Olympic soccer have to do with knocking boots?  According to a recent study, it may be a bigger aphrodisiac than oysters.

The study was carried out by experts in several European countries using 50 test subjects: 25 male and 25 female soccer fans.  The average ages of the men and women were 37.8 and 34 respectively, and their hormone levels were checked for changes before and after watching a soccer match.

What they found is that for some time after watching the match the testosterone and cortisol levels in everyone increased.  Testosterone is the hormone connected to a combative instinct, but also increases your sexual appetite.  In particular, men are more strongly affect by this.

There is also a longer lasting effect if the person’s team wins the game.  Another study had similar results in connecting sexual activity with soccer.  During the World Cup and European Championship there was a spike in condoms and other adult oriented goods.

This may come as great news to those romantically involved with soccer fans. However, there is an important rule to follow to get the most out of soon-to-be-sex-crazed soccer fan spouse.

According to the study, “during the game, soccer is more important than sex.”  So while the game is going on, do try to rub up on your partner whispering sweet nothings into their ear, because their testosterone is in fight mode at this time.  Your romantic efforts will likely backfire in a dirty glare. Don’t take it personally though.

The best course of action is to let your beloved sports fan watch their game in peace and wait until after the game to make your move.  With the right timing fireworks should ensure along with stock footage of trains going into tunnels, hot dogs going into buns, etc.

So who knows? Now in the final four, if Japan’s men and women can continue their paths to Olympic gold, the country may turn into a scene from Game of Thrones.

Source: NOW news (Chinese)
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