Taiwan’s adorable dancing meteorologist girl group Weather Girls have been a lot of things: Japanese school girls, ninjas, super sentai heroes…wait, notice anything similar?

Since it launched in summer 2010, the series has taken off in Japan more than any other country, likely because most of the monthly video themes are taken from Japanese culture. Many of the themes even have the girls speaking endearingly broken Japanese, which just scores them more kawaii points.

Now, as if to capitalize on that popularity, the Weather Girls have sent seven of their best to Japan to form a brand new idol group called…Weather Girls!

According to their Facebook, the girls arrived in Japan last month and will be releasing their first single, “Koi no Tenkiyoho” (Weather Forecast of Love) on October 17.

While the regular Weather Girls program rotates most of its cast each monthーwe counted a total 34 girls over the past 2 yearsーthe idol group will keep the same 7 members: Yumi, Dara, Hijon, Esse, Mia, Mini and Nue.

So can the Weather Girls stay afloat in a country already flooded with cute young girls dancing around in skirts? Some fans seemed concerned that their still-imperfect Japanese will hold them back, but like we said before, that’s one of their most charming points!

Source: Weather Girls, Facebook

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