Did you do a double take too?  Yes!  The Olympic rings are six instead of five!  But wait!  That sixth ring is the moon!  WOW!  How beautiful!  And it fit perfectly as the sixth ring, only for a moment though, caught in this picture perfectly!

The moon to moved on down…

As the olympics are winding down and Olympic fans are bleary eyed from watching events at all hours of the night, this celestial body put on a show for us!  We all associate the olympics with five rings, but now everyone is talking about the moment the usual five rings became six.

The sixth ring appeared to us in London, England over the Thames River and under the Tower Bridge crossing the river.  The standard five rings hang off the middle of the bridge where slowly the sixth ring moved into place.  A full moon.  It had to be a full moon.

A full moon over the Thames, although beautiful, isn’t such a rarity.  But it is  a miraculous moment when the full moon linked brilliantly with the five rings, resulting in the manifestation of six perfect rings!  That it was the right environment for the moon and the rings to be linked so perfectly during the Olympics makes it a treasure, it’s amazing!

Maybe it was the wish of the person who designed the plan to hang the Olympic Rings off of the Tower Bridge for this to happen.  It was a supposition that the moon would reach its destiny and be a part of the five rings.

The five rings represent the five continents, natural phenomena, and the hard rules of sportsmanship among other things.

If there are six rings, perhaps the sixth ring would signify the south pole, although I don’t suppose there are any athletes from there!

It was wonderful while it lasted, but the five rings are fine as they are!