If you’re a fan of Japanese adult videos, you might notice that standard protocol is to blur out the parts between the legs.  Often times they use what’s called “mosaic” which are the ultra-ultra-low resolution sections of the screen that look like big squares.

Ever wonder who puts those little mosaics over naughty bits scene after scene? For a brief moment from 31 July to 8 August there was a chance to join this illustrious team of genitalia obscurers.

Although the moment has passed, check out the original job posting to see if you are cut out for this line of work.

The posting was placed on many employment websites including Challenge Work! by production company SOD Art Works.  SOD (Soft on Demand) is responsible for such classic titles as Lunchbreak Rooftop Bondage with Female Co-Workers and Sensual Catfight: Proud and Beautiful.

The following is a translation of the basic job advert:

 Gain Editing Skills! Video Editing Staff (Part Time)

SOD Art Works Co. Ltd.

We have a new office at Takasaki Business Facility!
Hourly Wage: 750 yen and up + Transportation Expenses

Our new office will be established on September 1, 2012. We are looking for a 10 member team to help get it up [heh heh] and running! Daytime work only.

Worker’s Compensation, and Employment Insurance!

*Salary increases are available on review of job performance!
*People looking for long term employment are welcome! Housewives, students, even groups of friends may apply!

So far so good, although it is minimum wage and part time, they do offer advancement opportunities and benefits.  I shudder to think how Worker’s Comp would be needed on this job though.  Moving on, here’s the job description:

=〇● Adult DVD Editing and Production●〇=

Specific Duties

▼Download a freshly recorded video to your computer!
▼Use editing and production equipment to make mosaics!
▼Afterwards watch the movie and make sure it’s completely mosaicked!

We start you off performing simple tasks, allowing you to slowly and gradually build up your work load! [Hahah!] We offer a 3 month training period where you can shadow experienced staff members who will answer your questions!

Sounds fantastic! All you have to do is watch dirty movies and press a few buttons. Also they provide you with all the support you could need.  There must be a catch.  Probably, you need some high level qualification in the cinema industry or a degree from film school.

No Experience or educational background required!

Inexperienced – FreetersSidelined Graduates All Welcome!

You must:

  like to work hard! [Gwaaaahaha!]
  be able to use the email and search functions of a computer!
  enjoy working in company with a home-like atmosphere!
  want to gain knowledge of editing work even if you have no experience!
  honestly like adult DVDs!
  want to work in a cozy office!

Well, it looks like I shall embark on my new career as a prono mosaicker.  And the next time you sit down to watch Sexual Desire Outpatient Clinic 2 then get frustrated that the money shot looks made on a Commodore64, know that those squares are helping to pay off my student loan.

Source: Original Posting via Kinisoku (Japanese)
Picture: Soft On Demand(Japanese)

A screen shot of the original Japanese posting just in case they take it down.